Apprenticeships: Understanding employer obligations

If your business hires apprentices then you will know that awards and registered agreements can have specific entitlements or rules that apply to their employment. These can cover anything from training to overtime and even pay increases. So, when covering training costs what happens if an apprentice is not making satisfactory progress? Is it a […]

The ins-and-outs of Internships

Internships can be a great way to bring on board some extra help and they provide a valuable opportunity for inexperienced candidates to get their foot in the door. But how do you determine whether or not an internship should be paid? Is it up to you as the owner? And can you opt to […]

Staff training and your remuneration obligations

Investing in your staff with regular training helps to keep everyone on the same page and plays a key role in fostering a positive workplace culture. But when it comes to remunerating your team, is training time, paid work time? Our resident HR expert, Lisa has the answer. “The truth is, if the training is […]

Changing rosters | What you need to know

Need to change an employee’s regular roster? Here is what you need to know As businesses grow and change, so do their operations. A process that may have been functional and appropriate at one time, may no longer be the best fit for the business. So, when changes to your business need to be reflected […]

Work Christmas Parties 101

Work Christmas Parties 101 With less than a few weeks until Christmas arrives, many workplaces have organised their end of year functions. Let’s face it, it’s a great opportunity to recognise everyone’s hard work and to celebrate team achievements.

Hiring over the holidays | What you need to know

Hiring over the holidays | What you need to know The lead up to Christmas might be busy but that’s no excuse to put your head in the mistletoe when it comes to bringing on extra help in your business. Before you employ any Christmas casuals, read our HR Manager, Lisa’s quick how-to guide:

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