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Are new employees entitled to sick leave?

New employees are entitled to paid sick leave, however, it is important as an employer you understand how entitlements work and your obligations. We have put together some key points below.   Firstly, when can an employee use sick leave? An employee can access paid sick leave when they cannot work due to a personal […]

When can an employee use sick leave?

Let’s talk about sick leave. When can an employee use sick leave? Is it only for instances where they are sick or have an injury? Or┬ácan an employee also use it for pre-arranged appointments? Appointments such as elective surgeries and medical consultations? Here is what you need to know. An employee can use sick leave […]

What happens during annual leave if your employee gets sick?

Planning an Easter holiday? With less than one month on the calendar, now is the time to encourage your employees to get their annual leave paperwork rolling. BUT what happens if your employee’s holiday plans get placed on hold because they get sick? Can they opt to take sick leave instead or is it a […]