Coronavirus (COVID-19) and key employment changes

In almost every area of the law, there have been changes to existing rules and procedures to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic. This is especially true of the employment law sphere. Set out below are some of the key changes to legislation and modern awards that have been introduced over the last week that employers need to […]

Having an open mind during while recruiting

Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, it pays to keep an open mind while you are recruiting. Being hung up on a small detail… could mean you miss something fantastic. So, what common hangups do we see? Our resident expert, Joy has some insights from both sides of the recruitment fence. If you’re […]

Changing employee classifications and back pay

Do you understand changing employee classifications and back pay obligations? We were recently asked the following question.   QUESTION An employee has taking on some higher-level tasks. Because of this I am in the process of changing them from a level 2 classification to a level 3. Am I required to back pay them or it […]

Determining an employee’s classification level

Do you know how to determine an employee’s classification level if they complete a varied workload? We recently answered this common, small business question.   QUESTION In my small business, our receptionist also processes our financial transactions and completes payroll. Should I be paying them based on their reception role or something else? ANSWER To […]

Restaurant Award changes

Changes to the Restaurant Award came into effect from the first full pay period on or after 23 January 2020. So, as an employer what do you need to know? Casual employees who work more than 10 hours are now entitled to the same number of paid meal breaks as full-time and part-time employees working […]

Mobile phones and driving employer provided vehicles

Do your employees drive a company vehicle? New penalties are now in place across Queensland when using mobile phones. So, what exactly does this mean and is there anything you should be doing as an employer? Any person caught touching their mobile phone while driving will face $1,000 fine and four demerit points. Double demerits […]

New Year HR Tip >> Position Descriptions

DO YOU provide your employees with a position description OR do you prefer to adopt a more *flexible* approach? The truth is, position descriptions offer many business benefits. Drive employee ownership. Set clear expectations and priorities. Help trace the skills and abilities you seek for the position. Well-written job descriptions complement the hiring process, supporting […]

Changing employee notice periods

How much notice are your employees required to provide when resigning? Is it based on service duration or is it the same for everyone? And can you change this? We were recently asked this question. Our employees currently provide notice based on their years of service but we would like to extend this for every […]

Christmas shut down and staff leave

Is your business shutting down over Christmas? What happens if you have staff who don’t have enough annual leave to cover the period? We recently answered this question: Q] *We currently offer our team the option to take advanced annual leave over our Christmas shut down if they have an insufficient balance. However, we would […]