How do I calculate leave accrual for part-time employees?

We often get asked, “how do I calculate leave accrual for part-time employees?” If you find this confusing, you’re not alone. To help you get it right, we have put together a simple formula for you to follow.


How to calculate leave accrual for part-time employees

Firstly, divide the number of hours worked for each pay period. For example, if Tracey is working 18 hours per fortnight the annual leave accrual per fortnight for her is 1.385 hours. This equals 36.01 hours of annual leave accrual for the year. The trick is to remember the accrual is always 1/13th of the hours worked.

In contrast, a full-time employee works 76 hours per fortnight so the annual leave accrual for them is 5.846 hours per fortnight or 152 hours per year.


Would you like more information about leave accrual? Click here to visit the Fair Work website.

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