Human Resources – 2016 Public Holidays


Public Holidays 2016……… this link for a handy list of all Public Holidays for 2016, Australia wide……..we trust you find it useful!

Do you need any advice on how to manage payment to employees who work on a Public Holiday?

As we are sure you know, employees should be paid at least their base pay rate for all hours worked on a public holiday.

Awards, enterprise agreements and registered agreements provide entitlements for working public holidays, including:

  • extra pay (eg. public holiday rates)
  • an extra day off or extra annual leave
  • minimum shift lengths on public holidays
  • agreeing to substitute a public holiday for another day.

Did you know an employee can refuse to work on a Public Holiday?

As per the Fair Work Act, employees don’t have to work on a public holiday. However, an employer can ask an employee to work on a public holiday, if the request is reasonable. An employee may refuse a request to work if they have reasonable grounds…….let us here at Classic help you discern what might be reasonable grounds.

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