Common questions about Long Service Leave (LSL)

Do you understand Long Service Leave (LSL) and your employer obligations? To help you get your head around it, we have put together some information answering some common questions we receive.

Firstly, what is Long Service Leave (LSL)?

Long service leave is a period of paid leave granted to employees in recognition of a long period of service with an employer.

The Industrial Relations Act 2016 provides LSL entitlements for most employees in Queensland. Subject to certain conditions, this includes casual, regular part-time, and seasonal employees.

Secondly, where can I go for more information about LSL?

The legislation that governs LSL in Queensland is the Industrial Relations Act 1999. Click here to read more information (Part 3, pages 90 to 110). The Office of Industrial Relations administers LSL in Queensland and you can telephone their infoline on (07) 3406 9999.

Lastly, how do I calculate LSL?

To calculate LSL, you can click here to access the free, Queensland Government calculator. We have also included an example below.

Grace has completed exactly eight years of continuous service. Her entitlement is 6.9333 weeks of LSL. To calculate this into a dollar ($), multiply Grace’s current hourly rate of pay by the number of hours of service.

Do you need to chat with a HR professional about LSL or calculating entitlements? Get in touch with Lisa at or Nick at, or call (07) 46383599.