Resolving a workplace dispute with mediation

Has your business been involved in a workplace dispute with an employee? Workplace mediation can be an effective and affordable solution to resolve conflict at work. In fact, statistics show that mediation settles more than 85% of initiated disputes.

To help you understand more about how mediation works we have answered some common questions below.


What is workplace mediation?

Firstly, workplace mediation is not about finding fault. Rather, it is about coming to a resolution that both parties are comfortable with and avoiding costly litigation.


What is the role of the mediator?

The mediator’s role is to try to facilitate a resolution to the dispute. They work with both parties to understand the conflict situation and encourage them to share their views and listen. Their role is to support parties to reach an agreement and identify any changes required moving forward.


How does the mediation process work?

It’s important to remember that mediation in the workplace is a voluntary process. Both parties must agree to participate. Likewise, parties may choose not to participate or withdraw at any time.

During mediation, parties are welcome to have a support person present. Depending on the situation, mediation may be held in one room or two. In some cases, parties sit together, opposite each other with the mediator. In other circumstances, a shuttle mediation may occur. This is when the mediator goes between rooms talking to each party and sharing information.


How do I find an accredited, Australian mediator?

Here at Classic, we have an accredited mediator who can work with your business during a dispute. Click here to contact Lisa Lee today for a no-obligation chat.

Alternatively, click here to visit the Australian Mediation Association website.