Recruitment 101: Protecting the reputation of your business

Have you ever considered the repercussions of hiring the wrong candidate? What about the domino effect it can have on the reputation of your business?

The truth is, poor hiring practices can have an impact on your brand – whether it’s failing to check references and/or credentials or choosing the wrong fit for your team dynamic or culture. Our resident expert, Lisa has some helpful recruitment tips.

  • Write a detailed brief. Who are you looking for? What do their strengths need to be? Be specific and conduct a critical analysis of your team. E.g. For a management role, do they need to be assertive and confident in managing the performance of their team members? Don’t get caught up in being vague or failing to look beyond the surface.
  • Follow a process and write compelling questions you can ask candidates in the interview to ascertain whether or not they meet your brief. Ask them for examples of when they demonstrated key skills and characteristics.
  • Do your homework and check references. Avoid making a rash decision based solely on the interview. Gather evidence which proves the candidate is who they say and can do the job. Better yet, make sure referees are real – use LinkedIn and Facebook to confirm their position and employment.
  • If appropriate for the role, conduct police, licence and/or medical checks. For the sake of a small investment of time and money, avoid making a costly mistake.

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