Computer and software skills and what you need to list on your resume

If you are applying for a job it’s important to list any relevant systems, skills and competencies. That way, the employer knows what you can [and potentially can’t] do. In many roles, employers receive a high volume of applications and by omitting key information pertinent to the job, you may fall short of making it on the shortlist.
So, how should you summarise your computer and software strengths on your resume?

Keep it relevant

Chances are you have competency across a wide range of systems. Firstly, include reference to any skills you have that are highlighted in the job description. Secondly, consider grouping similar or related systems and platforms. For example, you may choose to reference Microsoft Office Suite rather than listing out Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint etc… If you are proficient using graphic design software, you may choose to group these under a single dot point. For example, Adobe Create Suite and Canva or Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks.

Highlight your proficiency

When it comes to highlighting your computer and software skills on your resume, make sure you give the employer a good understanding of your level of proficiency. Do you have a high-level of skill, intermediate or beginner? Make sure this is clear. 

Consider interchangeable skills

If the role you are applying for asks for experience you do not have, consider what relevant and interchangeable skills you do have, and include this. For example, if the employer is asking for MYOB experience and you have proficiency using Xero. By including the experience you do have, you are demonstrating that you can easily adapt as the systems are similar.
Remember, when applying for a job, always consider the role and what the employer is asking for. Respond to the key criteria and reference any required, relevant and interchangeable computer and software skills. 
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