Job hunting & COVID-19

This year has been a tumultuous journey, especially on the job hunting front. While some industries have fared ok during COVID-19, others have struggled. Our resident recruitment expert, Joy has a few practical tips to consider if you are currently looking for work.   Use this time to think about what you might like to […]

Finding the right employer fit

Finding the right employer fit isn’t always easy. So, when you’ve made it to the interview round for a job, what steps can you take to help find a good employer match? We have put together a few tips for you to consider.   1. Ask questions Firstly, at this stage of the recruitment process, […]

Resumes and Referees

Who do you have listed as your referees on your resume? Do you ALWAYS ask beforehand or run with the *she’ll be right* attitude? The truth is, it pays to give this one some thought. Let us explain. Always ask a person before listing them as a referee. We receive negative references – more often […]

Having an open mind while recruiting

Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, it pays to keep an open mind while you are recruiting. Being hung up on a small detail… could mean you miss something fantastic. So, what common hangups do we see? Our resident expert, Joy has some insights from both sides of the recruitment fence. If you’re […]