Human Resources

When can an employee use sick leave?

Let’s talk about sick leave. When can an employee use sick leave? Is it only for instances where they are sick or have an injury? Or can an employee also use it for pre-arranged appointments? Appointments such as elective surgeries and medical consultations? Here is what you need to know. An employee can use sick leave […]

Procedural fairness and your employer obligations

Let’s talk about procedural fairness. Do you understand your employer obligations when terminating an employee? We recently answered this question. “Over time, I have given my employee several warnings (both written an verbal). Can I dismiss them without giving them a right of reply?”   ANSWER No, you shouldn’t. Firstly, employees are entitled to an […]

The Pastoral Award: Time not worked due to wet weather

Do you employ people under the Pastoral Award? We recently got asked this question. “Our cattle enterprise employs staff under the Pastoral Award. We would like to know, if it’s too wet for farm work, how should time not worked be treated?” So, what is the answer? Firstly, as the Pastoral Award makes no reference […]

Leave without pay and public holidays

Do you have staff taking leave without pay over the holidays? Do you know your employer obligations for public holidays that fall during leave without pay? Read the below Q&A to get up-to-speed.   QUESTION We have a number of employees taking leave without pay over the Christmas and New Year period. Are we still […]

Changes to casual overtime rates

Overtime provisions in several modern awards have been amended for casual employees from the first full pay period on or after 20 November 2020. The changes made by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) aim to simplify overtime for casual employees and reduce common confusion around casual loading versus overtime penalty rates. Making variations to several awards, casual […]