Parental leave and your employer obligations

Parental leave, do you know your employer obligations? With the Toowoomba region topping the state for most babies born in 2020, understanding parental leave and employee rights is important. So, what exactly do you need to know?
  • An employee has the right to come back to the job they had before going on leave.
  • They’re entitled to this job regardless of whether someone was working in their role as a replacement.
  • If during their period of leave, you make significant changes to their job, you need to discuss those changes with the employee. Furthermore, you need to provide them with an opportunity to talk about the changes.
  • So, what if the employee’s job doesn’t exist anymore? Well, they need to be offered an available role that they’re qualified and suited to work in, and is nearest to pay and status of their old job.
Want to know more? For more information about parental leave, visit the Fair Work website.
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