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HR Advice | Minimum Employment Period Q and A

Minimum Employment Period One of our clients recently asked this question…….We have employment contracts in place with all of our employees which have a clause relating to the Minimum Employment Period (commonly known as the Probation Period). If we terminate an employee within the ‘minimum employment period’, are we obligated to give a reason for the […]

1 July 2017 – new Award pay rates!

Did you know new award pay rates & allowances come into effect from July 2017? Where do I get the new rates? You can check the new rates by reviewing the appropriate award via the Fair Work Ombudsman web site. If you need some help, contact Lisa Lee Human Resources Manager at Classic Recruitment & Human Resources. Who […]

Annual Leave Accruals – Handy Tip #1

 Annual Leave Accruals – Handy Tip #1 Don’t make a common mistake of over accruing annual leave entitlements for permanent part time employees! It’s really simple to work it out – just divide the number of hours worked each pay period. For example, if Tracey is working 18 hours per fortnight the annual leave accrual per fortnight […]

Do employees need to provide a medical certificate?

Do employees need to provide a medical certificate? Many business owners worry about whether they can request evidence like a medical certificate when their employee requests sick or carer’s leave. Did you know, an employee has to let their employer know that they are going to take sick or carer’s leave & that this has […]

Happy New Year 2017 | New Employee?

Happy New Year 2017! Many businesses employ new staff at the beginning of the year. Did you know, all new employees must receive a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement with their employment contract? Do you provide your employees with a written employment contract complete with the Fair Work Information Statement? The Fair Work […]

Are you thinking about employing a young person during the school holidays?

Did you know that if you employ a child during the school holidays there are specific obligations? For instance, as an employer, you must ensure a school-aged child is not able to work unless written consent is provided on a parent’s consent form. There are also a number of other obligations that employers should be aware […]

Employers – Are you Paying Superannuation on Overtime?

Are you Paying Superannuation on Overtime? Did you know overtime is not considered an Ordinary Time Earning (OTE) and that superannuation does not have to be paid on overtime? You could be inadvertently paying too much! As a small business owner, it is important to ensure your staff are engaged on an employment contract that […]

Need help with difficult conversations with your employees?

Lisa Lee, Human Resources Manager One of the most difficult tasks for managers/owners can be giving constructive feedback to employees! Since transitioning to the domain of small business, I have been struck time and time again by how critical leveraging the performance of employees is to the success of every small business, no matter the […]

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