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Human Resources – Workplace Investigations

Top 3 causes of workplace complaints In our experience, the top 3 contributing factors we see when investigating workplace complaints are: 1. Interpersonal relationship issues 2. Performance Management issues 3. Lack of / insufficient induction and/or on the job training Interpersonal relationship issues It is sometimes easy for managers/owners to fall into the trap of seeing […]

Human Resources – Annual Leave cashing out

My employee has asked if they can cash out their annual leave – can I do it? Sometimes employees approach their employer and ask if they can cash out their annual leave accrual…..often, this might suit the business but, from an industrial relations perspective, is it OK to do so? In a nutshell, yes it […]

Can I re-employ an employee whose role my business has made redundant previously?

As a business owner, have you worried if there may be a potential taxation issue that could apply to a redundancy payment received if you wanted to re-employ a great employee into a new role in your company?  I have done some research and can reassure you that this is not an issue. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) defines […]