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Top 3 causes of workplace complaints

In our experience, the top 3 contributing factors we see when investigating workplace complaints are:

Investigations1. Interpersonal relationship issues

2. Performance Management issues

3. Lack of / insufficient induction and/or on the job training

Interpersonal relationship issues

It is sometimes easy for managers/owners to fall into the trap of seeing staff relationships as none of their business or something over which they have no control. However, it is important to remember that personality clashes and differences of opinion need to be managed properly in order to minimise tension and ensure that all employees feel equally valued. At work, we do not expect to be best friends with everybody but treating others with respect is essential and sometimes workers may need to be reminded that their behaviour can also be a performance issue.

Performance Management

Performance Management needs to happen in the workplace! Too often, poor behaviour or issues with how a person performs operationally are left unsaid. A lack of performance management can lead to a worker being unaware of their shortcomings and therefore struggling to improve, possibly causing frustration within their team. Similarly, inappropriate behaviour which is ignored may leave other team members feeling cross, anxious or undervalued. This in turn may be impacting upon their performance.

Lack of / insufficient induction and/or training

Good induction processes (when an employee joins an organisation) and the on the job training training can set the new employee up for success. It is so important to make sure you spend some time ensuring this does occur. Here at Classic, we have a number of tools such as Checklists, that can be customised to suit your organisation that can assist in ensuring good processes are followed. It is so important that all employees are provided with a comprehensive induction and also the skills and knowledge to confidently perform in their new role.

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