Having an open mind while recruiting

Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, it pays to keep an open mind while you are recruiting. Being hung up on a small detail… could mean you miss something fantastic. So, what common hangups do we see? Our resident expert, Joy has some insights from both sides of the recruitment fence.

  • If you’re an employer, don’t be wedded to a position description when recruiting. If a candidate has similar, relevant experience, good skills, a great attitude and a good reason for wanting to join your organisation, ask yourself whether your *must-haves* could be flexible. Don’t automatically discount them on a small detail, especially if it’s a skill they could quite easily acquire.
  • As an employer, it can be easy to get hung up on what skills you need for a role. This can be especially true if you have had an employee in the position for a long period. Just because a candidate doesn’t have that person’s *exact* skills, doesn’t mean they don’t offer other, fabulous skills that could benefit the role and organisation.
  • If you’re a job seeker avoid getting hung up solely on remuneration. Yes, getting paid what you are worth and an Award wage is important, but if there is a great role on offer weigh up ALL of the benefits. It might offer great opportunities for growth and a fantastic culture. Break it down and ask yourself whether the extras are worth earning a little bit less.

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