Human Resources – Is your worker an employee or a contractor?


It is really important thatEmployee or Contractor image banner before you make the commitment to hire a worker you check if they will be an employee or contractor.

It is imperative you get this right because it will affect your tax, superannuation and other obligations. If you incorrectly treat your employees as contractors you risk having to pay penalties and charges.

Did you know the ATO have a Employer/Contractor Decision tool to help you make this decision?  It is a great resource….

If you’ve previously hired a worker without checking whether the arrangement is employment or contracting, you should review your earlier decision now to make sure you got it right.

If you need some assistance with this, contact Lisa Lee at Classic Recruitment & Human Resources for timely & cost effective advice either via email or at the office on (07) 4638 3599.

Lisa can assist you with determining if your workers are employees or contractors and also create the appropriate employment contract/engagement letter.