How to handle candidate regret

Have you ever experienced candidate regret? You know, you accept a role only to realise that the work doesn’t exactly enthral you. Sound familiar?

Research indicates that candidate regret is experienced by as many as 35% of employees and of those people, one-third plan to leave their role within 12-months.

So, as an employer, what can you do to break the cycle of regret? Our resident expert, Lisa has a few tips:

  • Don’t try to appeal to everyone when you advertise a role. Consider your business – the vision and the culture, and who would and wouldn’t be a good fit. For example, Netflix states outright to candidates that if they want career development, don’t apply. Their brand message cites that they are only looking for high-performing employees.
  • Be clear in your job ad about what the job entails, what the expectations are and what candidates will actually be doing day-to-day. Avoid being vague or sugar coating the truth. Transparency is the best defence.
  • As part of the interview process, consider introducing candidates to their manager as well as those at the next levels of seniority. Also, contemplate inviting them to lunch or coffee with the team – this is beneficial for both you and the candidate.
  • When recruiting for a role, avoid rushing. If you desperately need some extra help, consider a temporary hire while you invest time in finding the *right* fit.

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