Determining an employee’s classification level

Do you know how to determine an employee’s classification level if they complete a varied workload? We recently answered this common, small business question.



In my small business, our receptionist also processes our financial transactions and completes payroll. Should I be paying them based on their reception role or something else?

To ensure you are paying your staff member correctly, think about the different tasks they do as part of their role.
If a reasonable proportion of their work is at a higher level, you need to choose the corresponding classification level. This is found in the Award.

For example, if 30% of their work is finance and payroll, it isn’t reasonable to be paying them at a lower level based on reception duties.

For more information about classification levels, visit the Fair Work website.

Are you unsure about whether or not you are paying your staff correctly or need help navigating classification levels and Awards? Get in touch with our team.