Casual employment and what your business should be doing

Are you up-to-speed with the recent casual employment developments? Not sure what we’re harping on about?

  • Award-covered casuals can request to convert to permanent employment after 12 months of regular casual engagements.
  • The Federal Court ruling, Workpac v Skene, has opened the door to claims for leave entitlements for regular casuals.

So, what is your business doing in light of these developments? One thing to consider is updating your employment contracts to improve transparency. Not sure what you should include? Our resident expert, Lisa has some examples to consider.

*You will receive a casual loading of X, in addition to your hourly rate. This is intended to compensate you for not being entitled to personal leave and paid annual leave.*

*This offer of casual employment does not represent an ongoing, regular and systematic arrangement, nor an expectation of continued work. You are not obligated to accept any work offered to you.*

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