Understanding your staff | Employee surveys

Employee surveys

How would your employees rate their job satisfaction? Are they content with benefits and remuneration?

Understanding how your team really feels can mean the difference between retaining the best talent and well, not.  So, how do you get honest answers to questions that might make some staff uneasy?


Providing an opportunity for staff to pen their thoughts and feelings is a great way to encourage honest feedback. Consider using an online platform like Survey Monkey so where practically possible, staff can opt to be anonymous.

So, what type of feedback should you be seeking?

  • Job satisfaction
  • Manager effectiveness
  • Policies and procedures
  • Benefits and remuneration
  • Professional development and job training
  • Workplace culture

Remember to read the feedback you receive and where practically possible make transparent strides to show that you are listening. It might be with a follow-up email or through implementing changes your team has suggested.

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