Serial *job hoppers*… To recruit or not to recruit?

Would you recruit someone who has held six different jobs in ten years? New research shows that so-called *job hopping* in Australia and New Zealand is becoming more accepted, with 71% of 900 hiring managers surveyed saying they would.

The truth is, although *job hopping* can come with potential risks, there are also some benefits for employees. This includes network expansion, an opportunity to gain more skills, faster career progression, industry-specific experience and higher salaries.

But from an employer perspective, what should you look out for when considering hiring a candidate who has frequently moved around in their career?

* Firstly, ask yourself if longevity is important for the role. If it isn’t then so-called job hopping isn’t a big issue.

If longevity is important, ask questions and look for patterns and themes. Get an understanding of why they left each role, seek insight about their loyalties and find out what’s important to them and where they want to go in their career. This will help you to determine whether or not they are a good fit for the role and your company, and vice versa. *

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