Why your business needs an independent wage audit

People working in office spaceWhen did your business last conduct an independent wage audit? The truth is, regular audits can help you avoid costly mistakes. In addition, an independent provider can give valuable confirmation about your payroll processes and personnel.

Last week, legislation was passed in Queensland making it a criminal offence to knowingly underpay your staff. This means you can now face serious jail time in cases of wage theft and fraud.

With the stakes higher than ever before, ensuring employee wages are correct is crucial. So, what is an independent wage audit and how can it help?

An independent wage audit can help:

  • check your staff are being paid correctly under the relevant Modern Award or enterprise agreement. This includes considering an employee’s qualifications and job duties, and whether this is consistent with their rate of pay.
  • review recent, relevant changes to Award conditions and minimum rates of pay, and ensure they have been paid in full.
  • look at allowances, overtime and entitlements, and ensure you are paying pursuant an enterprise agreement or award.

An independent wage audit can give you the confidence that you are paying your staff correctly. More importantly, if a mistake has been made, it can demonstrate that this has occurred *unknowingly*.

How Classic can help:

Here at Classic, we understand first-hand the challenges small businesses face. We are here to help and offer competitive, fixed-fee wage audits. This includes businesses with less than 20 employees and more than 20 employees. Our independent wage audits:

  • are conducted by friendly and experienced HR professionals.
  • provide you with a simple report so you know compliance levels and areas of concern.
  • give practical recommendations so you can take steps to fix any issues.

Need some HR help? Contact our team for a no-obligation quote.


For more information about auditing your pay rates yourself, visit the Fair Work website.