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How To Resign Well!

These days, people change jobs more regularly than was common 20 years ago.  Like anything else in your work life, there are some things you can do to make sure your resignation goes well.

Think of the old adage, don’t burn any bridges!

Before you advise of your resignation, be very sure that you do want to move on.  We have seen candidates give their notice, then have second thoughts and when they have asked their employer if they can withdraw it, their employer has said no!  From the employer’s perspective, they may have the view that if you have resigned, you might do so again…..your emotional contract with them will be damaged so think very carefully about why you are resigning before you actually put pen to paper, so to speak!

Make sure you tell your supervisor first and preferably in person, but always follow up with an email/written letter. Avoid telling anyone else at the organisation as news about resignations travel fast………..the last thing you want is for someone else (we have even heard of a customer) telling your Supervisor you are leaving!!

Make sure you give your full notice period.  You never know when you will need your supervisor/manager to be a referee for you so always leave a role on a good note.  Also, once you have resigned, make sure you use your remaining time to do the work necessary and to complete all of your tasks.  It is always best to “leave well”.

It is also a good idea to always be honest as to why are you leaving and be prepared to explain your reasons for leaving.  But make sure you explain the reasons without hurting anyone’s feelings and keep it as positive as possible.  If you cannot think of any honest and positive feedback then focus on your new job and what it will give you.

Your employer may ask you what salary you were offered, be prepared that he/she may want to match this offer or put in front of you a higher offer.  Keep in mind your reasons for wanting to leave and be very very sure before you accept a counter offer……… our experience, this often doesn’t work out in the long run.

Overall, once you have resigned, it is best that you stay professional and as we said, don’t burn any bridges……..

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