Casual Pay Rates 101

Are you hiring casuals over the holiday period? Do you understand casual pay rates and how they work? Our resident HR expert, Lisa has some info to help.

*Casual pay rates are broken down into an hourly rate and penalty rates. Depending on the award or agreement, will depend on the hourly rate of pay.

  • You can use the FREE Fair Work Pay Calculator to find out an employee’s hourly rate.
  • Casual employees incur a casual loading amount on top of their fixed rate. This is determined by the relevant award or agreement and is designed to be in lieu of benefits enjoyed by permanent employees (sick and annual leave).
  • Penalties for casuals depend on the award or relevant agreement. Common examples include weekends and public holidays.
  • For example, a 16-year-old on a Retail Employee Level One working casual hours has an hourly pay rate of $13.39 under the General Retail Industry Award [ $10.71 (base rate) + $2.68 (casual loading amount) ].The employee is entitled to penalty rates on Saturdays and Sundays (ordinary hours and overtime), and public holidays.

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