Apprenticeships: Understanding employer obligations

If your business hires apprentices then you will know that awards and registered agreements can have specific entitlements or rules that apply to their employment. These can cover anything from training to overtime and even pay increases.

So, when covering training costs what happens if an apprentice is not making satisfactory progress? Is it a case of “too bad, so sad” or as the employer, can you refuse to pay?

When it comes to apprenticeships, many awards contain the same entitlements for time spent at training and reimbursement of training costs, fees and textbooks.

Apprentices have to be reimbursed for:

  • All the fees charged by the RTO that are related to their training.
  • The cost of prescribed textbooks for their apprenticeship.

An employer doesn’t have to reimburse fees and textbooks if:

– Progress in the course is unsatisfactory.
– The employer pays the costs and fees directly to the training organisation.
– The apprentice isn’t working for the employer at the set time that the costs have to be reimbursed.

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