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Stomping out ageism in the workplace

Have you ever experienced ageism or know someone who has? More than a quarter of Australians aged over 50 have experienced some kind of age discrimination in the last couple of years according to the Australian Human Rights Commission. When it comes to the workplace, how do you support older employees? Do you offer the […]

Employer expectations and the 40-hour week

This week, we’re talking about maximum weekly hours and overtime. Question: If a full-time employee is paid the minimum wage, is it reasonable to ask them to work 40 hours in a week at ordinary rates? Answer: No, this is illegal. For a full-time employee who is paid the minimum rate of pay according to […]

Employee resignations | How much notice is required?

Let’s talk about employee resignations, do you know how much time needs to be given? What about if the person’s employment contract stipulates something different to the Fair Work Act? Our resident expert, Lisa recently answered the following question. *An employee’s signed employment contract stipulates four weeks’ notice must be given in the event of […]

Elevate your recruitment game :: Interview tips

What questions do you ask when you are interviewing a potential employee? What questions should you ask? Our resident recruitment expert, Joy has some tips to help you elevate your recruitment game. An interview should be a voyage of discovery rather than a fact-finding mission. You should already have a handle on their general skill […]

How to handle candidate regret

Have you ever experienced candidate regret? You know, you accept a role only to realise that the work doesn’t exactly enthral you. Sound familiar? Research indicates that candidate regret is experienced by as many as 35% of employees and of those people, one-third plan to leave their role within 12-months. So, as an employer, what […]

What to expect when you’re expecting overtime

Can you ask salaried employees to work reasonable additional hours and what constitutes as *reasonable*? Is it actually a case of *too bad, so sad* OR are there legit rules you need to abide by? Our resident expert, Lisa has some answers. Employees can be asked to work reasonable overtime, however, to be considered as […]

Recruitment 101: Protecting the reputation of your business

Have you ever considered the repercussions of hiring the wrong candidate? What about the domino effect it can have on the reputation of your business? The truth is, poor hiring practices can have an impact on your brand – whether it’s failing to check references and/or credentials or choosing the wrong fit for your team […]

Understanding long service leave

It’s the three little words employees love to hear… LONG. SERVICE. LEAVE. Yes, it marks a time in an employee’s career when their service and loyalty lands them some well deserved time away from the office. But, do you understand how long service leave (LSL) works? Our HR Manager, Lisa has some tips to help […]

Lifting the lid on job myths

Let’s talk about job hunting myths. Often disguised as fact, the truth is they can really hold you back on the job front. What do we mean? We’ll let our resident expert, Joy lift the lid on this one. Apply for as many jobs as possible :: While it is admirable to be keen and […]

Shutting down over Easter? What you need to know

With only 30 days until Easter, the countdown is officially on! Is your business planning to shut down over this period? And if yes, do you know your obligations with staff leave? Our HR Manager, Lisa has some answers to help. Whether or not an employee can be directed to take annual leave during a […]