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Staff leave during the Christmas shutdown

Do you understand your employer obligations during the Christmas shutdown? If your business is shutting down over Christmas, it’s important to know what happens with staff who don’t have enough annual leave to cover the period. We recently answered this question: QUESTION | We currently offer our team the option to take advanced annual leave […]

Casual Pay Rates 101

Are you hiring casuals over the holiday period? Do you understand casual pay rates and how they work? Our resident HR expert, Lisa has some info to help. *Casual pay rates are broken down into an hourly rate and penalty rates. Depending on the award or agreement, will depend on the hourly rate of pay. […]

Understanding carer and compassionate leave

Do you understand compassionate leave and your obligations as an employer? Requesting to take time off to care for a loved one during terminal circumstances can be an emotional time for anyone. As an employer, having accurate information helps you to support your employees if and when this sensitive issue arises. We recently received this […]

Changing an employee’s position

When it comes to changing an employee’s position it pays to understand your obligations as an employer. Do you need their consent or not? We were recently asked this question. QUESTION |  We would like to change the position of one employee. They currently work in a permanent part-time role and we would prefer they […]

Public holiday pay

With less than NINE weeks until Christmas, now is the time to make sure your business is up-to-speed with public holiday pay. Not sure and hoping for a Christmas miracle? Our resident HR expert, Lisa can help. *Depending what state or territory your employees work in, public holidays can be different. Make sure your business […]

Christmas Casual HR Checklist

ARE YOU HIRING CHRISTMAS CASUALS? Don’t put your head in the mistletoe. Make sure you tick all of the HR boxes with our DIY checklist. Think about the needs of your business and the role you want to fill. Articulate this clearly in any advertisements, including how long the job will be for. Check your […]

Casual employment and what your business should be doing

Are you up-to-speed with the recent casual employment developments? Not sure what we’re harping on about? Award-covered casuals can request to convert to permanent employment after 12 months of regular casual engagements. The Federal Court ruling, Workpac v Skene, has opened the door to claims for leave entitlements for regular casuals. So, what is your […]

Important changes to personal leave accrual

Following the recent Federal Court decision, the Fair Work Ombudsman is reviewing and updating its advice in relation to the accrual of personal/carer’s leave. So, as business owners, what do you need to be mindful of moving forward? Full-time and part-time employees are entitled to 10 working days of paid personal/carer’s leave for each year […]

Employer insight into workplace injuries

When it comes to workplace injuries, do you know your employer obligations? We recently answered a question about an employer’s right to choose a medical professional. So, what’s the answer to this one? Q U E S T I O N | An employee was injured in the workplace and we would like to request […]