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Tick Tock! It’s almost Christmas Party o’clock!

With LESS THAN 130 days until Christmas, the clock is ticking for one of the biggest events on the work calendar. That’s right friends, the anticipated Work Christmas Party. So, when it comes time to plan your work function, what steps can you follow to minimise a *legal hangover*? Our resident expert, Lisa has some […]

Exit Interviews

Does your business conduct exit interviews? What questions do you ask a departing employee? What questions should you ask?  Our resident HR expert, Lisa has some tips for you to consider. Don’t underestimate the value of an exit interview. It’s an opportunity to seek transparent and candid feedback that you can take on board to […]

New whistleblowing laws

Do you know about the new whistleblowing laws that came into effect on 1 July 2019? Does your business have a policy in place to comply? Here is what you need to know and what you should be considering: The new laws are designed to encourage whistleblowers to speak up without fear. People can make […]

Serial *job hoppers*… To recruit or not to recruit?

Would you recruit someone who has held six different jobs in ten years? New research shows that so-called *job hopping* in Australia and New Zealand is becoming more accepted, with 71% of 900 hiring managers surveyed saying they would. The truth is, although *job hopping* can come with potential risks, there are also some benefits […]

Medical Certificates 101

Winter has arrived and in the workplace, that means cold and flu season is running rampant. So, if your employees are sick and recuperating from illness do they need to provide a medical certificate? Our resident HR expert, Lisa has the answer. *When employees advise that they are taking sick or carer’s leave, they should […]

Stomping out ageism in the workplace

Have you ever experienced ageism or know someone who has? More than a quarter of Australians aged over 50 have experienced some kind of age discrimination in the last couple of years according to the Australian Human Rights Commission. When it comes to the workplace, how do you support older employees? Do you offer the […]

Employer expectations and the 40-hour week

This week, we’re talking about maximum weekly hours and overtime. Question: If a full-time employee is paid the minimum wage, is it reasonable to ask them to work 40 hours in a week at ordinary rates? Answer: No, this is illegal. For a full-time employee who is paid the minimum rate of pay according to […]

Employee resignations | How much notice is required?

Let’s talk about employee resignations, do you know how much time needs to be given? What about if the person’s employment contract stipulates something different to the Fair Work Act? Our resident expert, Lisa recently answered the following question. *An employee’s signed employment contract stipulates four weeks’ notice must be given in the event of […]

Elevate your recruitment game :: Interview tips

What questions do you ask when you are interviewing a potential employee? What questions should you ask? Our resident recruitment expert, Joy has some tips to help you elevate your recruitment game. An interview should be a voyage of discovery rather than a fact-finding mission. You should already have a handle on their general skill […]