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Sick & Carer’s leave | Need Some Advice?

Sick & Carer’s Leave – Need Some Advice? Quick question – employee requests Carer’s leave as employee has to look after their child as their Nanny is sick, is this Carer’s leave? Answer – no it isn’t Carer’s leave as it is the Nanny who is sick, not the child of the employee (the Fair […]

Are you thinking about employing a young person during the school holidays?

Did you know that if you employ a child during the school holidays there are specific obligations? For instance, as an employer, you must ensure a school-aged child is not able to work unless written consent is provided on a parent’s consent form. There are also a number of other obligations that employers should be aware […]

Employers – Are you Paying Superannuation on Overtime?

Are you Paying Superannuation on Overtime? Did you know overtime is not considered an Ordinary Time Earning (OTE) and that superannuation does not have to be paid on overtime? You could be inadvertently paying too much! As a small business owner, it is important to ensure your staff are engaged on an employment contract that […]

Need help with difficult conversations with your employees?

Lisa Lee, Human Resources Manager One of the most difficult tasks for managers/owners can be giving constructive feedback to employees! Since transitioning to the domain of small business, I have been struck time and time again by how critical leveraging the performance of employees is to the success of every small business, no matter the […]

Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce – Small Business Expo – 17 May 2016

Classic enjoyed exhibiting at the inaugural Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Innovate-Motivate-Accelerate Small Business Expo during Small Business Week.      

Can I ask a potential employee to trial for a job and not pay them?

Recently, two of our clients have sought our advice as to whether they can request a potential employee/candidate to do an unpaid trial with them.  This is quite a common practice used to help determine if the person does actually have the skills to perform the role they are trying to fill. To determine whether you can do […]

Human Resources – Should you investigate inappropriate behaviour?

Human Resources – Finding it hard to talk to your employees?

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Human Resources – Workplace Investigations

Top 3 causes of workplace complaints In our experience, the top 3 contributing factors we see when investigating workplace complaints are: 1. Interpersonal relationship issues 2. Performance Management issues 3. Lack of / insufficient induction and/or on the job training Interpersonal relationship issues It is sometimes easy for managers/owners to fall into the trap of seeing […]