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Job hunting & COVID-19

This year has been a tumultuous journey, especially on the job hunting front. While some industries have fared ok during COVID-19, others have struggled. Our resident recruitment expert, Joy has a few practical tips to consider if you are currently looking for work.   Use this time to think about what you might like to […]

COVID-19 and the workplace

With new COVID-19 cases in Queensland, we have answered some common employer questions about COVID-19 at the workplace Firstly, while you are not expected to diagnose people, as an employer you have a work health and safety duty to minimise the risk where practically possible. What happens if an employee contracts COVID-19? If you have […]

Store Manager | Dalby

This is a permanent full-time position, reporting directly to the Regional Manager, where you will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Dalby store   The Company Our client is Tyreright in Dalby, who is the one-stop-shop for tyres in Dalby. They offer high-quality assortment of tyres including agriculture and heavy truck through to […]

Employer rights and non-negative drug test results

Our team works with businesses across a wide range of industries, helping them navigate their HR obligations. Here is a question we recently answered about employer rights and non-negative drug test results.   QUESTION We require employees to be free from the effects of alcohol and drugs. If an employee provides a non-negative result, what […]

Can I recruit for a role previously made redundant?

We often ask us whether or not it’s ok to recruit for a role previously made redundant. So, is it? To be clear, if your business makes a role redundant it should mean that it is no longer required to be performed by anyone. Therefore, in order to be a *genuine* redundancy, businesses should not be […]

Computer and software skills and what you need to list on your resume

If you are applying for a job it’s important to list any relevant systems, skills and competencies. That way, the employer knows what you can [and potentially can’t] do. In many roles, employers receive a high volume of applications and by omitting key information pertinent to the job, you may fall short of making it […]

Finding the *right* employer fit

So, you’ve made it to the interview round for a job. What steps do you take to ensure it’s the right fit for you? Here are our top tips. At this stage, you should already know what the job is. This is your opportunity to seek clarification. For example, if the role requires client visits, […]

Resumes and Referees

Who do you have listed as your referees on your resume? Do you ALWAYS ask beforehand or run with the *she’ll be right* attitude? The truth is, it pays to give this one some thought. Let us explain. Always ask a person before listing them as a referee. We receive negative references – more often […]

Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grants

Does your business need help with human resource advice during these challenging times? Round two of the Queensland Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grants has been announced, with applications opening on 1 July 2020. Aimed at helping businesses affected by COVID-19, the Queensland Government is offering grants of up to $10K and money can be used for a […]

Redundancies and employer financial hardship

With the ongoing effects of COVID-19, some businesses are looking at reducing staff, including making redundancies. When this occurs, employers typically refer to the National Employment Standards to calculate the redundancy package (also known as severance pay). But what if your business is experiencing financial hardship and cannot pay? Firstly, it’s important to note that where employees […]